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1.      What is quality?

2.      According to the gurus how do we manage to achieve it?

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What is quality?

Although the term ‘quality’ is widely used but still there is no general agreed definition for describing it. Hoyle (2007) defined quality as the extent to which a product and service meets the purpose of the users. However, Hibbard et al. (2010) have mentioned that quality cannot be measured and thus its assessment is a judgemental process. It is one of the reasons for which quality does not have any clear definition. However, exploration of different articles makes it clear that quality is something that satisfies the customers through improved products or service functionality, and product reliability and durability (Buntak et al. 2012). This can be attained when a product or service confirmed is specification and attained excellence.  

According to the gurus how do we manage to achieve it?

The rising competition within the different industry in US made several companies to take interest in quality. It is when several experts also known as ‘Gurus’ came up with different ideas for attaining quality. For instance, W Edwards Deming, well known for Japanese quality revolution, mentioned that for attaining quality it is essential to create consistency in product and service. The management of the company should always remain updated for bringing continuous improvement in their products and service to fulfil the customer’s expectation thereby attaining quality. Another important way to maintain quality is to focus on innovation thereby bringing the required improvement in the product or service. When the process of production improves it creates uniformity, reduces rework and wastages and thus maintains quality (Case Study).

Another Guru named Joseph M. Juran defined quality as ‘fitness for use’. According to him, when a product is used for what it has been main to be it ensures quality. For attaining quality a product or service needs to fulfil five specific dimensions namely design, conformance, availability, safety and field use. This implies that a product or service can be considered to be of finest quality if it meets specific designed concept, fulfil all the test programmes, overcome disruptive issues, free from any risk of injury and satisfy the customers.  He emphasise of developing reliability programmes to enable the companies to meet their organisational goals (Case Study). 

Philip B. Crosby, the owner of Philip Crosby Associates Inc. and Crosby Quality College, came up with new perception of quality mentioning that any products and service which confirms to requirements can ensure quality. Thus, the manufacturer of a product or service should be well aware of its features and characteristics so that it can confirm to its requirement thereby satisfying the needs of the customers. When a product is of good quality it reduces the overall cost of operation and enhance the profitability. He strengthen the zero defect movement for determining the quality of a products (Case Study).