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What are the challenges and benefits of teaming? Using examples, discuss the reasons why teaming is required to get the work done in today's global business environment. ( word limit 600-750 words)

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Definition and concept of team

A team in the global business environment context is defined as a group of people who are collaborated within an organization to perform business operations with a common objective (Hasan et al. 2020). A team leader supervises the mission objectives, specifies the goals and targets of the team, and formulates strategies with a practical course of action in accomplishing the objectives. The present global environment teams can be categorized as functional teams, self-managed teams, virtual teams, and global teams. 

Benefits of teaming

Teams are formed to leverage the collective skill set of individual workers to bring effectiveness in the workplace and the specific tasks allocated to the designated teams. The collaboration of different individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds enhances the way of work and offers a better solution to emerging organizational issues (men et al. 2019). The cross-functional teams help in creating a sense of unity and belongingness to the organization. Diversity among the team members helps create a various range of expertise, innovative ideas, brainstorming sessions and practice of the organizational culture to enhance efficiency in the teamwork. The functions and operations of the business organization are benefitted from the sharing of tasks among the teams and accomplishing the objectives within less time in comparison to an individual and dispersed working system. A diverse team ensures that risks in the tasks can be mitigated through brainstorming ideas. A recent example of diverse teamwork is evident in the landing of Perseverance Mars Rover where members belonged form several cultural background with the intention of creating remarkable discovery of the planet Mars within close proximity and search trace of life in the planet. 
Challenges of teaming

The first and foremost challenge visible within a functioning team is the share of role and responsibilities, which may create conflict within the team. If they do not communicate with each other properly, the team members may lead to misinterpretations of different messages and important notifications of the tasks (Calvin & Igu, 2019). This confusion created through miscommunication hampers the flow of work and conflict in the team's working process. The team design also creates an adverse impact on the organization when they are poorly chosen with a lack of skills, mistrust, interpersonal conflict and lack of supervision, leading to dysfunctional teamwork. 

The rationale for teaming in the global business environment 

The contemporary functioning of the business organizations engages multiple teams to harness more opportunities in creating an effective brand name, sustainability in business and accumulate more revenue. The defined number of team members easily resolves the organizational issues than the dispersed individual in different departments within an organization. The teams involve more work efficiency, employment generation, defining the tasks, faster innovation, and quick disposal of emerging issues (Creasy & Cames, 2017). Teamwork enhances the concept of a robust working relationship within an organization, effective communication flow, support to each member, motivation for a high level of performance, and cooperation to achieve the organisation's objectives. 

A flexible team with an efficient team leader helps motivate the team members to bring unity in the workplace. Resolving different conflicts through diverse talents and utilizing the strength of the team members help in establishing a healthy and safe working environment within the organization. Individual members do not feel insecure working under efficient team leaders and with logical team members who are chosen based on their merits, emotional intelligence, and flexible mindset (Zlenko & Isaikina, 2020). The ideas from the diverse cultural background are collaborated to bring innovativeness in the workplace, distinguishing the organizational culture from other business organizations. Team effort helps in increasing the output for the organization, which in turn brings constructive feedback. The diversity in the team helps in identifying the broader concept of consumer needs and trends in the market, which the organization can harness in creating a better customer experience. The learning opportunities from the team help in boosting the skills of the team members that promoted synergy in the workplace.