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MKT101A Marketing Fundamentals

MKT101A Marketing Fundamentals Laureate International University USAQuestion: Choose any Organization of your choice Reflect on the evolution of the marketing concept. Outline the elements of the Marketing Process. 

MGMT6012 Management Perspectives

MGMT6012 Management Perspectives Laureate International University USADiscuss about the Analyze The Impact Of Ethics of The Grace Hotel. 

BST322 Introduction to Biomedical Statistics

National University USABST322 Introduction to Biomedical Statistics

HCS209 Society and the Social Imagination

National University USAHCS209 Society and the Social Imagination

COM344 Organizational Communication

National University USACOM344 Organizational Communication

MKT602 Media Sales and Sales Management

National University USAMKT602 Media Sales and Sales Management

MGT603 Business Operations Management

National University USAMGT603 Business Operations Management

CYB462 Cloud and Virtualization Security

CYB462 Cloud and Virtualization SecurityNational University USAExplain working and cloning of virtual machines. 

COM610 Integrated Marketing Communication

COM610 Integrated Marketing CommunicationNational University USA

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