Laureate International Universities

Laureate Education, Inc. is a corporation based in Baltimore, Maryland, within the u. s.. Laureate owns and operates Laureate International Universities, with campuses in Mexico and Peru. the corporate is publicly traded. Laureate International Universities teach various subjects at both undergraduate and graduate level. Subjects covered by a number of its colleges include design, business, management, statistics, culinary and hospitality etc. 

Top Courses Offered at Laureate International Universities

MGT502 Business Communication 2

PROJ6004 Contracts And Procurement In Project Life Cycle

BIZ101 Business Communications

PROJ6000 Principles Of Project Management

PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management

MGT601 Masters Honours Research

MGT604 Managing In Global Context

PROJ6003 Project Execution And Control

MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems

ACCT6001 Intermediate Financial Reporting

BIZ104 Customer Experience Management

PROJ6009 Business Process Management

BIZ102 Understanding People And Organizations

MKT101A Marketing Fundamentals